Saje Natural Wellness

Ideation and Design

Wellness is usually not seen as something that benefits children. Our role at the Saje retail store is to promote a dialogue that introduces children to Saje in a way that is engaging and enjoyable, as everyone can benefit from natural wellness. During March Break, there is a rise in the number of children and families visiting the mall. How can we introduce kids to wellness in a way that is both fun and informative?

Displayed are creative activities to combine games and wellness for families and children at the mall. Each activity is brief and enables us to introduce products to children in an enjoyable manner where they take the lead in the interaction.

This fortune teller is an enjoyable game that enables families to select their wellness journey by choosing ingredients and emotions they desire. With a Team Member, they engage in the game until unveiling the product inside, giving them the opportunity to try it together.

Two layouts for the fortune teller game based on best-selling products and the children’s line. Intentionally focusing on remedial as it holds our hero products.

Using the game spinner children and families can spin the wheel to try selected products or win discounts at the store.

This is a passion project created at store level and is not affiliated with the Saje Creative Team. 

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