Conceptual Workshop Project

Driven by the aspiration to find substantial solutions to societal problems, Dreamscape was created. Dreamscape is a DIY exhibit that allows participants to solve problems in their sleep that they are unable to solve during their waking lives.

What if the solution to some of society’s biggest problems lies in our dreams?
Conceptual project that solves problems in user’s sleep that they are unable to solve in waking lives.
Research, Ideation, Execution
Set design, Photography, Photoshop

Humans have the potential of solving problems in their sleep, leading to creative and scientific discoveries. Dreams can provide unconventional solutions to problems when the waking mind is stuck. This makes me wonder, “What if some of the solutions to society's greatest problems lie within the content of our dreams?”

The goal of this project is to provide unconventional solutions to problems by simulating dream content through an immersive experience. This is achieved through a DIY exhibit (dream room) titled Dreamscape. Dreamscape is a customizable dream room that participants set up in their bedroom to solve problems they are stuck on in their waking lives. Through assembly and sleep, the room offers an experience that simulates dream content by targeting different senses.

The process of creating and sleeping in the room influences dream content causing participants to dream of solutions to their chosen problem. The dream rooms displayed here provide unique examples of how Dreamscape can be used.

Dreamscape Example #1

“What do I make for dinner?” is a frequently asked question that is often answered with similar results; leftovers or some variation of the same food made every other night. What if you could dre am of an unconventional solution to the common dinner problem?

Example #1 provides a lighthearted demonstration of how Dreamscape can be used. Customizing and sleeping in the dream room allows the dreamer to be fully immersed in the experience. In this case, because the problem is related to dinner the room is filled with a variety of foods. Thus, causing the dreamer to dream of a solution to the problem “What do I make for dinner?”

Dreamscape Example #2

What if the answer to solving the climate crisis is an unconventional one that lies within a dream? This room offers the potential to dream of an unconventional solution to the question, “How to solve the climate crisis?” The room is covered in a wave created entirely of plastic bags, representing the negative effects of pollution on the planet.

Example #2 displays the expansive range of problems the dream room can offer. Dreamers have the ability to customize their Dreamscape to their liking. In this case, the use of sight, sound, and touch are used throughout the contents of the room. The red and blue lighting represents the devastation of ocean pollution, ocean sounds are played during sleep, and touch is included through the texture of the bags. A combination of senses will help the brain generate solutions to this problem.

Follow these steps to create your own Dreamscape.

  1. Think of a problem.
  2. Customize your living space by adding items, sounds, and scents related to your problem.
  3. Sleep in your Dreamscape.
  4. Dream of unique solutions to your problem.

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